Stimulus/Response is not strictly speaking a musical project. 

Instead, it is Hall’s approach to combining artists in new and stimulating mixtures. Performances are titled only with the performers names.  With Stimulus/Response, Hall arranges a context for the unexpected.

Combinations include free improvisers, sound artists, jazz, world music and electroacoustic musicians, synthesists, visual and video artists, poets and dancers.  The results are unrehearsed and deliberately unpredictable.

Hall creates the framework.  The artists stimulate each other and they respond to each other in real time.  Hall’s concept for he and his collaborators “to go where there is no map”.

Stimulus Responders – Mia Zabelka, John Oswald, Doug Van Nort, Michael Snow, Allison Cameron, Eugene Martynec, Paul Dutton, Ted Phillips Viv Corringham, Geordie McDonald, Joe Sorbara, et. al.