Indios Eletronicos

Indios Eletronicos’ music is cermonial. It embodies a devotion to the mysteries of sound. Indios celebrate sound’s power to transport listeners beyond the realm of the physical. They invite listeners to transcend the conventional dimensions of daily life, to join with them in the adventure of transcendence.

In my cybertravels, I came upon them. Our mutual inspirations drew us together. We shared an admiration for Sonic Youth, and, I suppose, my work with their guitarist Lee Ranaldo intrigued them. We, despite the the thousands of kilometers that separate us, had an immediate rapport. Could we inspire each other? An experiment was born: an intercontinental collaboration. I sent the electronic foundations of two of my compositions, “The Blue Desert of Silence” from my recording Hallucinations: Music and Words for William S. Burroughs and “The Flow” from The Roswell Incident to Indios. They then transformed them with their unique and highly evolved creativity. The pieces underwent a profound metamorphosis, yet they still retain their essential atmospheres, their ‘vibe’.

Indios’ sound is at once primal and futuristic. Affirming and accepting. Masculine and feminine. Their sound is the ceremony of ‘let it happen’.