What the Critics Say...


"Waves of crescendoing beauty...rare in his combination of naturalness of composition and instant composition...great balance, great execution, great freedom...gutsy music strongly recommended."


Montreal Gazette     
"A major talent…a thoughtful improviser, generous leader and imaginative composer. "


" [Hall] proceeds with daring, verve, poise and balls.  The compositions are immediate and engrossing. Tight, free, and neatly sidestepping categorization…music on the upward arc and the ride is exhilarating. "


"Sensuous...a subtle, emotional player capable of conveying a lot of feeling with just a few notes."


Jazz Times 
"Probably the most stylistically postmodern association of theme and music, thoroughly cutting across the casually expected."


Margen (Spain)     
"In the purest American downtown style…proceeding from the most advanced jazz and blues…"


"Devoutly weird music…"


Globe and Mail          
"Aggressively contemporary, sitting on the edge of free music but clearly conceived by a man whose sense of the jazz tradition is strong...Hall has all the marks of an original mind."


Audio Scene 
"Interesting and intense, never faltering..."


Tzaz (Greece)   
"Hall keeps the balance between the pure flow of sentiments (the melodic line is obviously expressed in his compositions) and tension (he is moving technically on free jazz "standards")...a very sensitive composer, an arranger who masters his material and first of all, a performer who has made me listen to a revelation."


Mirror (Montreal)  
"One of Canada's best kept secrets...a huge writing talent!"


Bombay Mid-Day (India) 
"There is nothing shy about Glen Hall's performance...he spells a host of emotions...short sharp bursts of sound, to lyrical, plaintive whisperings...tender and brash in turns. "


Jazz Report 
"Splendid writing...(Hall) is thinking ahead of the crowd..."


Times (Germany) 
"Hall comes across brilliantly...a reflective soloist, a magical melodic-sound arranger...his own compositions are surely of timeless worth."


Toronto Star 
"Frontier-bashing jazz…the creative muse is at the forefront and it’s lots of fun."


"Stunning results...one of the most singular ensembles ever assembled...wonderfully elusive, diaphanous sonorities and textures."