EAR-CAM Trio Muo


redShift is sonic chemistry in action.

Instrumentation so improbable that performances are made dramatic by their very unlikelihood. Turntables and computer-controlled soundsnippets meet shredded guitars and bull fiddles, laser-precision percussion intersects with ambient bass flute, and vocal sounds with colors off the palette.

Gangster Dutch Schultz, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Blind Willie Johnson, The Kinks, Ornette Coleman, mad metropolis, Carl Sandburg, Sam the Sham, intergalactic parasites, Annette Peacock, trouble for tourists: redShift shifts paradigms of what can happen in music.

Having spent years working with gifted, dedicated musicians who are passionate about the kind of music they love, I started to feel there was something uncomfortably "religious" about some players' zeal, verging on dogmatic. A "my-way-or-the-highway" approach is not how I think or work. redShift is my answer to the claustrophobia of that kind of thought. The group's music shifts from jazz to electroacoustic to punk to blues to rock to ambient music and many shadings in between effortlessly. The only rule for redShift is that there are no 'rules'.

How do I get to play with the talented people who intersect with my own music? In my case, this eleven-piece group was assembled as a "kill-as-many-birds-with-one-stone" solution to getting to work with as many of the people whose creativity stimulates my own in one situation.

Turntablists The Rust Brothers, bassist Michael Morse and I had played together during the improvisers' series at The Idler, home of live poetry in Toronto.

I sat in with guitarist Nilan Perara at The Club Abstract series with provocative results. I heard percussionist Marcus Chonsky do monthly radio discussions and remembered him. Myk Friedman, lap steel and guitar, was a chance encounter, a last-minute replacement who stayed. Eugene Martynec's computer-controlled sampler work did with a mouse click what I could only dream of doing with hours of digital editing. I was invited to join bassist Jason Hammer's Big Band Massacre; we work on each other's projects constantly now.

Vocalist Christine Duncan is a charismatic, virtuoso performer, who, like Myk, filled in one night and became indispensible to our sound. redShift is an experimental laboratory, a place where the unexpected is welcome to walk in and stay for a visit.

redShift is unafraid, unapologetic, unbounded adventures in sound.